Is there a limit to how many albums I can purchase?

- There is a quantity limit of 8 albums per order, but no restrictions on the number of orders.

Will I get a full set of 4 SubK Shop Exclusive Photocards if I purchase 4 albums?

- If 4 albums are purchased in the same order, different member photocards are guaranteed (only while inventory per member lasts).

Will I still get the SubK Shop Exclusive Photocard if I win via the Alternate Method of Entry and without purchasing any albums during the entry period?

- For winners who entered via the Alternate Method of Entry, you will still receive the album with the artists’ signatures + the SubK Shop Exclusive Photocard Set (4 individual member photocards, 1 random hand-signed), but it will not include the SubK Shop Exclusive Photocard (Random 1 out of 4) that comes with an album purchase.

Can I enter via the Alternate Method of Entry (limited to only 1 per entrant) AND the album purchase method?

- You are able to submit an entry via the album purchase method, the Alternate Method of Entry, or both. Each album purchased counts as one entry (multiple purchases and orders are allowed, but with a quantity limit of 8 albums per order). The Alternate Method of Entry also counts as one entry, but it is limited to only 1 entry per entrant. If you choose to submit entries using a combination of both entry methods, you must still enter with the same participant information for all entries.

How many times can I submit an entry using the Alternate Method of Entry?

- Entries using the Alternate Method of Entry are limited to one (1) per entrant. If more than one (1) entry using this method of entry is received from the same entrant, only the first entry submitted will qualify for entry into the Video Call Event and all subsequent entries will be disqualified.

Does an album purchase increase my chances of winning over a free form submission?

- An album purchase does not increase your chances of winning over a free form submission since both methods will give you 1 entry, but it may increase your odds of winning if you purchase more than one album as each album purchase = 1 entry. Statistically, more entries increase your chances of winning, but it does not guarantee that you’ll win as it’s also dependent on the total number of entries received. If there is a small number of entries received in total, then the higher the chances of winning for each entry, but if there is a large number of entries received in total, then the chances of winning for each entry become slimmer. We understand that some fans may be confused by this due to their experiences with fansigns in Korea and the way other sites run their sweepstakes, but we choose winners randomly and provide a free alternate method of entry in order to properly adhere to the sweepstakes laws.

Why can’t I enter the Video Call Event even though you ship to my country?

- Some countries have laws/conditions that don't allow their citizens to participate in our sweepstakes. We hope you understand as our official rules are provided to us by our legal team, not guidelines we created ourselves. Please note that, with the exception of South Korea for this particular Video Call Event, if we ship to your country, you can still purchase the album + exclusive being offered during the Video Call Event entry period without entering.

Why won’t you ship to South Korea for this exclusive even though I won’t be entering the Video Call Event?

- Although we’d love to extend shipping to South Korea for this particular exclusive, due to artist management decision, we won’t be able to offer shipping to South Korea this time around.

When will the albums purchased during the Video Call Event entry period be shipped?

Any album(s) purchased during the entry period (except winners’ orders) will start shipping approximately Tuesday, June 28, 2022. 

Winners' prizes + their orders (if applicable) will start shipping approximately Wednesday, July 13, 2022. If a winner has ordered more than one album, the signed album will be shipped with the rest of their order(s) once we  receive the signed albums from the artist's end after the Video Call Event (if there is a delay with the shipment of the signed albums, the other albums may ship first).

All shipping dates are subject to change depending on when the albums/photocards are received from Korea.

Can I cancel or request an exchange for any KARD 5TH MINI ALBUM - RE: + EXCLUSIVE PHOTOCARD orders placed within the Video Call Event entry period?

- We will not be able to accommodate any cancellations, refunds, or exchanges for KARD 5TH MINI ALBUM - RE: + EXCLUSIVE PHOTOCARD orders placed within the Video Call Event entry period.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced on Monday, June 27, 2022, 10:00AM PDT (U.S. Pacific Time). Please check back to the sweepstakes landing page for the official announcement.

Please note, the Video Call Event Prize has no retail value, is non-transferable, non-assignable, and is not redeemable for cash.

How many winners will be selected, and how will they be selected?

- There will be 30 winners for this event. Winners for this event are selected randomly among the total number of eligible entries received, and not by the number of albums purchased or any other factors. While we encourage genuine fans of the artist to enter, we do not ask or require participants to share their personal social media platforms for vetting purposes as this would run the risk of bias and discrimination when randomly choosing winners. With that said, while we do not conduct any sweeps of social media accounts, if a threat is made online in relation to our event or artist and it is brought to our attention, we are obligated to investigate and take the appropriate action, if necessary.

What is a “potential winner”?

- All winners that are announced on our website are considered “potential winners” until they are verified and confirmed to not be in violation of our Official Rules. Our verification process includes, but is not limited to, signing an affidavit, providing valid identification, checking on reports/complaints, etc. Submitting an entry is done at the entrant’s discretion after fully reading, understanding, and accepting the terms in our Official Rules. If a potential winner does not seem to comply with the Official Rules, and if we have enough time before the respective Video Call Event, we may choose an alternative winner.

Will there be a translator present?

- Yes, there will be an English translator present.

What happens if a winner behaves inappropriately during the video call?

- If a call is deemed inappropriate in any way, shape, or form, it will be terminated immediately and the participant will be disqualified and banned from future Video Call Events. There is strict protocol put in place for these types of events and calls are monitored by staff members and artist management on-site, so please be assured that if a participant were to say or do anything inappropriate, the call would be cut and necessary action would be taken.

※ Please keep in mind that while we cannot control or police what people say on their social media or elsewhere, we also do not condone cyberbullying, harassment, or harmful language/threats (joke or not) directed towards potential winners, the artist, our brand, or our team members. This type of treatment and language directed towards SubK Shop will not be tolerated in any circumstance, and we will be seeking legal counsel and taking action to the fullest extent of the law.

※ Please remember that when you enter our Video Call Events, you are agreeing to abide by our Official Rules. It is vital that when you make the conscious decision to enter for our events, you are committing to the responsibility of reading through all of the rules and understanding the terms of the sweepstakes on an individual basis.