All winners will be emailed separately within 48 hours of this winners announcement using the Contact Email Address provided with the entry. Please make sure to add to your Contacts in order to keep our emails from going into your spam folder. All winners will be required to submit a valid Photo ID, verify eligibility, accept Official Rules, and/or return any required documents within 48 hours after transmission of the winners email.

Please read through the PARTICIPATION INFO & GUIDELINES again thoroughly before participating in the Video Call Event.


1. The Video Call Event will take place on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, starting 6:00PM PST (U.S. Pacific Time). Please note that this schedule is subject to change. In the case of any schedule changes, winners will be contacted separately.


Winners will participate in the call in the order communicated in the winners announcement. Please keep an eye out for an email and any other communication from staff prior to your scheduled call.

2. The Video Call Event will take place via the Zoom app using the video call feature and will start at the slated time in the scheduled order of winning participants. In order to maintain the flow of the Video Call Event, we will be unable to accommodate anyone who is unreachable during their scheduled call or anyone who is having difficulty connecting through the Zoom app. Please make sure to read the Official Rules of the Video Call Event (, download and register for the Zoom app, and familiarize yourself with the app so there are no issues on the day of the event. Your First and Last Name (as it appears on a valid Photo ID) and Zoom Email Address used during entry must be the same as the info registered with your Zoom account.

3. If a winner misses the call twice, we may move onto the next winner and attempt the call one more time after the next winner’s turn if time permits, but any additional calls after the second missed call is not guaranteed. We also ask that winning participants kindly refrain from messaging or calling back the host in order for the event to run as smoothly as possible.

4. If there are any issues with the winner’s network connection or mobile phone set-up, it will be difficult to proceed with the Video Call Event, and if the winner is unable to connect or there are interruptions due to network problems, we will not be able to accommodate the winner with another call, so please make sure to check your network connection and environment as well as your screen, camera, and audio settings in advance and troubleshoot before the call.

5. Each winner will only be allowed one group video call with Stray Kids. Winners will all have the same amount of time for the Video Call Event (1 minute and 30 seconds per member, 12 minutes total)If a call is deemed inappropriate in any way, shape, or form, we reserve the right to terminate the call and disqualify the participant. Please keep in mind that unreasonable requests, personal questions regarding Stray Kids and yourself, and questions that might be considered misleading are strictly prohibited.

6. This Video Call Event is non-transferable, and the winner is the only person allowed to participate in the event. If the participant in the Video Call Event is not the selected winner, we will not be able to proceed with the event. The call will be terminated if anyone other than the winner participates in the call or there are others joining the winner in the Video Call Event.

7. We will not be able to accommodate any cancellations, refunds, or exchanges for STRAY KIDS HOLIDAY SPECIAL SINGLE ALBUM - CHRISTMAS EVEL (STANDARD VER.) orders placed within the Video Call Event entry period, regardless of whether a qualified entry is submitted or not.

8. Any STRAY KIDS HOLIDAY SPECIAL SINGLE ALBUM - CHRISTMAS EVEL (STANDARD VER.) album(s) purchased during the entry period will start shipping approximately Monday, January 10, 2022 (winner prizes will ship later; please see #9). Shipping date is subject to change depending on when albums/photocards are received from Korea.

9. For winners who entered via album purchase, they will receive the artist’s signature on only one (1) STRAY KIDS HOLIDAY SPECIAL SINGLE ALBUM - CHRISTMAS EVEL (STANDARD VER.) from their order. If a winner has ordered more than one album, the signed album will be shipped with the rest of their order(s) once we receive the signed albums from the artist's end after the Video Call Event (if there is a delay with the shipment of the signed albums, the other albums may ship first). For winners who entered via the Alternate Method of Entry, you will still receive the artist's signature on an album, but it will not include the SubK Shop Exclusive Photocard that comes with a purchase. Prizes will start shipping approximately Tuesday, January 11, 2022. Shipping date is subject to change depending on when prizes are received from Korea.

10. Only the winner’s name will be written on the album (in English or Korean only), and asking for a special request will not be permitted.

11. Screenshotting, live-streaming, filming, and/or recording the Video Call Event is strictly prohibited. The winner may be disqualified for the event and the call terminated if any of these take place.

12. As much as you love and care for the artists, we ask that you refrain from any inappropriate behavior/speech and ask that you treat the artists with the same respect that you’d like to receive during the call.

13. Please familiarize yourself with all guidelines, rules, and any instructions of the coordinating staff members prior to or on the day of the event. There may be changes in schedule or procedure depending on the circumstances of the Video Call Event day, so please make sure to follow and pay careful attention to the instructions provided by the coordinating staff. The Official Rules can be found at

14. We shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the services, participation and content of this event, violation of the Official Rules, or failure to follow instructions provided by staff or artist management.

15. This event may be modified or cancelled without prior notice.

Updated 12.23.2021