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  • 12.28.2020


    • PACKAGE - 1ea
    • DESK CALENDAR - 1ea / 14p
    • HARD COVER DIARY - 1ea / 120p
    • FRAME & POSTCARD CALENDAR SET - Frame 1ea + Postcard 12ea = 1 set
    • FOLDED POSTER CALENDAR SET - 2ea in 1 set
    • STICKER SET (Photo & Handwriting) - 2 sheets in 1 set
    • A4 POSTER SET - 14ea in 1 set
    • MINI BROCHURE - 1ea / 12p
    • TRADING CARD SET ZODIAC VER. - Trading Card 7ea + Photo Card 7ea = 1 set

      ** The outer box/case/cover is made for protecting the product underneath. Small scratches, flaws, discoloration, etc. on the outer box/case/cover may occur during packaging/delivery and cannot be the reason for return or exchange.

      ** Content description and preview image are for reference only and subject to change. Actual product may vary from image shown.


    • PHOTOCARD SET - Same as Withdrama

      ** This special gift is separate from items that are included within the original product contents and/or any other benefits. The photocards are official and approved by SM Entertainment. They will be the same photocards as the ones being offered by Withdrama.

      ** Please note that this pre-order gift can only be guaranteed if you place your order before the pre-order deadline (unless sold out or limited). Depending on availability, the pre-order gift may still be available after the product releases until inventory lasts.

      ** Content description is for reference only and subject to change.


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