CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the "ITZY NOT SHY" Video Call Event.

Please read through the PARTICIPATION INFORMATION AND GUIDELINES again thoroughly before participating in the Video Call Event.



1. The VIDEO CALL EVENT will take place on Wednesday, September 23, 2020, and Thursday, September 24, 2020.

Winners will participate in the call in the order communicated in the winners announcement. Please keep an eye out for a message on the KAKAOTALK app with more participation details on the day of the event prior to your scheduled call.

2. If a winner misses the call more than twice, we will not be able to further accommodate that winner with another video call. We also ask that winning participants kindly refrain from messaging the host in order for the event to run as smoothly as possible.

3. ALL winners will have the same amount of time for the VIDEO CALL EVENT (1 minute 30 seconds with each member). If a call is deemed inappropriate, we reserve the right to terminate the call and disqualify the participant. Please keep in mind that unreasonable requests, personal questions regarding ITZY and yourself, and questions that might be considered misleading are strictly prohibited.

4. This event is non-transferable, and the winner is the only person allowed to participate in the event. The call will be terminated if anyone other than the winner participates in the call or there are others joining the winner in the VIDEO CALL EVENT.

5. This event will take place solely through the KAKAOTALK APP's video call function. Please make sure to check your network connection and environment as well as your screen, camera, and audio settings in advance and troubleshoot before the call.

6. For this event, winners will receive only one signed ITZY - NOT SHY album from their order. If a winner has ordered more than one album, the rest of the albums will be shipped separately from the signed album.

7. Live-streaming, filming, or recording the VIDEO CALL EVENT is prohibited. The winner may be disqualified for the event and the call terminated if any of these take place.

Any personal information obtained for the participation of this event will strictly be used for the event and will be retained for up to 7 days and destroyed after said period.